NGenerics 1.4.1 Beta released

NGenerics 1.4.1 Beta released

You can find it on our new project site. This build includes the following (straight from the release notes) :

New Platforms

  • NGenerics now has a Silverlight version in this release targeting Silverlight 3.

New data structures

  • Single-Valued (i.e) not KeyValuePair version of the RedBlackTree.
  • A generic version of the priority queue that can have a key implementing IComparable, or any object with an IComparer instance.

New Patterns

  • Added the Converter pattern under NGenerics.Patterns.Conversion.
  • Added the Specification pattern under NGenerics.Patterns.Specification.

New Extension Methods

  • ConvertTo, Serialize, Deserialize, and DeepCopy extension on Object
  • ForEach extension on IEnumerable
  • IsSimiliar extensions on double
  • Missing list extensions in Silverlight

Changes to existing data structures

  • Added construction mechanism to Singleton - the Singleton value can now be lazy-instantiated.
  • Removed the IVisitable interface and added extension methods for applying a visitor over any instance of IEnumerable. (*breaking change*)
  • Moved visitor-related classes to NGenerics.Patterns.Visitor (*breaking change*)
  • Added FindNode method to GeneralTree.
  • The previous version of the priority queue that accepts integers as keys is now named ClassicPriorityQueue. (* breaking change *)

Bug Fixes

  • Collection Add raised in ObservableHashList instead of Remove on RemoveItem


  • Lots of internal housekeeping and refactoring to up the quality of the code base.
  • More documentation.
  • Upgrade to Sandcastle Help File Builder Beta.
  • Code Coverage is now at 96%.

Please log any issues on the issues list, and feature requests on UserVoice.  For discussions, please use the ngenerics-users google group. Enjoy!

Edit: NGenerics is now hosted on GitHub.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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