The Magpie

Note: I split this post into two to make it more digestible. For background and context, see my post Shiny things. TL; DR; Background and definition The Magpie is misunderstood and provides a good model for learning The V model of learning (contrasted to the model of T-shaped people) attempts to maximise intersection points in knowledge to enable fast learning It’s vital to build a solid core to enable the transfer of skills from one domain to another Haphazard learning achieves little - intentional learning is key Practice learning, unlearning, and connecting ideas. [Read More]

Shiny things

Rabbit holes I disappear from time to time. No, not in the physical sense. Rabbit holes are everywhere. I follow them and emerge a couple of days (or weeks) later, hopefully wiser. For illustration, I wandered through Docker land for a whole 6 months. That particular rabbit hole went deep. The weird and wonderful container landscape is still maturing and changing fast. Below the surface of a seemingly simple virtualisation technology lies a myriad of tools, concepts and philosophies. [Read More]