Moving to Git

Git, the distributed source control system is fast becoming the de facto standard, at least in the open source arena. Although it comes with a bit of a learning curve, the advantages of using Git over more traditional SCMs like Subversion and TFS far outweighs the investment of time unnecessary to learn it. TL;DR A quick introduction to Git, with a basic command reference. If you are familiar with Git, you probably won’t learn anything new. [Read More]

Team Foundation Server

You would think that the integration between Visual Studio (using the TFS client) and TFS would be better than the the Visual SourceSafe integration. Nope, the same annoying bugs that were present in the Visual SourceSafe integration has rocked up in TFS, so I’m assuming the old codebase has just been extended. After several unsuccessful check-ins (read, breaking the build) when I’ve worked disconnected on NGenerics, I’ve finally given up on TFS. [Read More]