NGenerics 1.3 Beta Release

NGenerics 1.3 Beta Release

We’ve just released NGenerics 1.3 Beta - grab it while it’s hot! Also, don’t forget to give feedback on new features / anything that really bugs you.

Quite a bit of time passed between this release and the Alpha release. We’re currently working on achieving a quicker release schedule, about one release every month or so (alpha, beta, release version).

In doing this, we hope to:

  1. Get features out there quicker.
  2. Decrease the time to get feedback on what we’ve done.
  3. Keep the momentum.
  4. Generate less bugs per release as the scope of releases are reduced.

NGenerics 1.3 is more or less fixed in scope now. All the release version will add is some more unit tests, bug fixes, and updates to documentation. As always, you can request new features for version 1.4 here.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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